Prospect – Moments

12 years ago by in Music

Slovenian progressive metal Prospect return with their second self-financed demo CD, “Moments”, that is well produced both musically and aesthetically.  The unique packaging stands out over the run of the mill releases and is somewhat similar to the packaging for the latest Gathering CD.

Musically, the lead track “Moments” instantly calls to mind a more progressive Queensryche from the “Empire” era.  Lead vocalist Simon Jovanovich has a wide range and can handle the powerful deep notes and still sound superb in the upper registers.  Simon’s vocal phrasings recall Geoff Tate on “Changing”.  Roman Files guitar playing is rather rich and full sounding.

The keyboard wizardry of Rok Plestenjak shines mightily on “Perception Of Reality”.  Between piano and keyboard interludes, Rok is very busy!  Roman’s guitar tone sounds excellent on this track as well as his soloing.  “Orient Express” it a tasty instrumental featuring some unique solos from Rok once again.  The subdued “Jaded Son” allows Simon to stand out over the instruments and express his pleasing voice.  “So Low” is one of the heavier tracks on the CD and has hints of newer Iron Maiden meets progressive metal at times.

Considering Prospect are recording on their own budget, they should be most proud of this release.  Whether they can catch a label deal deal outside of their native Slovenia will be the question.