Primal Fear – Devil’s Ground

11 years ago by in Music

“Devil’s Ground” is the fifth release from Primal Fear and once again the German power metal machine delivers a hellacious assault of metallic anthems.  Co-founding member guitarist Tom Naumann returns to the fold after a three year absence alongside guitarist Stefan Leibing who together string together some of the best metal riffs of 2004.

Starting with the Teutonic opener “Metal Is Forever”, Primal Fear’s lead duo of Ralf Scheepers (vocals) and Mat Sinner (bass) leave no doubt that we will be lead down a fiercely heavy trail.  Drummer Randy Black pounds the living hell out of the drums on this song setting a torrid pace for the disc.  “Colony 13” is very catchy and features some devilishly wicked guitar leads and solos.

Believe or not, the stand out track of the disc is a mid-paced song entitled “The Healer”.  It shows off the talents of all involved and proves that Primal Fear can slow it down and still be leagues above most of their peers.  “Wings Of Desire” starts out in a classic Accept style and is a plodding monster.

While the cornerstone release of “Painkiller” by Judas Priest will always be the benchmark by which Primal Fear will be judged, they have taken the this landmark release as template for their own releases and improved on the original in the process.  After five releases, Primal Fear continues to unleash quality albums that never disappoint, something most bands rarely can accomplish.