Praying Mantis – The Journey Goes On

12 years ago by in Music

Praying Mantis’ last CD “Nowhere To Hide” featured the incredible vocals of Tony O’Hora.  This time around however, the brothers Troy are back to revolving vocalists, thus causing “The Journey Goes On” to lack any type of cohesion.  (The first 3 tracks feature 3 different singers) Tino and Chris share vocals chores on this CD with Doogie White and John Sloman formerly of Uriah Heep.

The best cut of the disc is lead track “Tonight” which soars out of the box and initially gives indication of a strong disc.  “The Escape” reminds me somewhat of Orion The Hunter with its mid-tempo AOR structure.  “Silent War” is a glossy track that just lacks punch.  The 80’s Uriah Heep feel to “Beast Within” makes this power ballad rather interesting.  “Hold On For Love” is more along the lines of a Coney Hatch track.  Closing track “The Voice” falls into a mid 80’s AOR style similar to a band like GTR.

Personally, I wish Praying Mantis had stuck with O’Hora out front even though White and Sloman do an admirable job for the most part.  Perhaps their next release will not feature this vocalist by committee selection process.