Poisonblack – Escapexstacy

12 years ago by in Music

A rather interesting departure from Sentenced, lead vocalist Ville Laihiala trades the microphone for the guitar on Poisonblack’s debut release “Escapexstacy”.  Enlisting in Charon vocalist  J.P. Leppaluoto, Laihiala has created another band that reflects on the darker side of life.  Laihiala takes full advantage of the lead guitar duties as the “Escapexstacy does contain some huge riffs overtop of the gothic undertones.

As for the songs, they are not quite as bleak as Sentenced but “Glow Of The Flames” and “Love Infernal” lead off the disc with aura of dark despair.

Leppaluoto’s vocals are well suited for this trip into darkness with their vampiresque tone.  Fortunately, he does become as annoying like Peter Steele from Type O Negative for Leppaluoto actually utilizes the range he possesses which is most notable on the excellent track “Exiter”.  “With Her I Die” possesses an epic gothic quality and may be the most accessible song on the CD.

To quote Laihiala about the CD from their bio; “”The main theme of the album is lust & addiction – for life, sex, fire, death… Let’s say I took a trip inside my mind and danced with the demons inside of it…”.  Whether the demons were exorcised is all in the mind of the listener.